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A listing of High School Educational Films, News Reels, movie house serials, and a place to list a whole host of odds and ends from the Reefer Madness Era.

Museum Index of short film(s) – NOTE: The following is a list of Possible Reefer Madness (short films) Many of which we have not seen and as such we do not know that much about.   In other words, they may or may not have a Reefer Madness content associated with them.   Also note that this list is far from complete and represents ONLY those short films that we have been able to locate.   There are probably a lot more of them out there.   -- Last note, some of the wording was taken directly from other websites and thus might have copy-right protection.

1914 - Opium Destruction, San Francisco
[Not Reefer Madness - Just Odd]
Opium Destruction 1914
Government agent’s burn confiscated opium near unfinished San Francisco City Hall, along with other confiscated Chinese drugs.   Crime and police Narcotics Drug abuse Chinese Americans Chinatown - Silent, B&W - Creative Commons license: Public Domain
Although I'm sure there's an intriguing story behind this, the film really doesn't look that great.   A couple of guys throw a match into a pile of wood, and we see shots of it burning.   Flames don't look nearly as exciting in black and white.
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1957 - Assassin of Youth
Inter Library Loan, Accession Number: 0007524
Abstract: Tells how marijuana is harvested and peddled in cigarette form among youth.   Shows experiments on white mice and describes the effects upon the human brain.   Presents the gospel as the only solution, both as prevention and cure. Media Type: 16 mm film, optical sound
Producer Name: New Life Films Foundation; See FFCA / 1223 W Wilcox St
North Eden Rd; Elmwood; IL; 61529; USA
Distributor Name 1: Unknown Special Features: B&W
Length: 33 Minutes - Entry/Verification Date: 19750101

In addition we also have the following:
Believing that this expose of the tragic traffic in Marihuana, as it affects our boys and girls, should and would reach the hearts of pastors, parents and young people more readily through eye-gate, I have produced a sound film which has been used of God to inform and warn thousands against this Enemy of Youth.   The film, approximately 1500 feet in length, describes the weed, as it grows, also after it is processed, and as used in cigarette or "reefer" form.   Running time of film, 45 minutes. Experiments are photographed to show the reaction from the smoke of a "reefer." Actual episodes are presented, proving beyond a shadow of doubt that the F. B. I. has rightly called marihuana "The Killer Drug." Sensational and gruesome scenes are deleted as far as is possible without minimizing the horrible facts.   The only solution known to man is presented.

The film may be obtained on a rental or free-will offering basis.   It should be shown in every church, sponsored by Brotherhoods, Women's Groups or Young People's Societies.   It offers a challenge and a warning to the entire church and community.   P. T. A.s and other civic-minded groups may secure the film for high school assemblies and community projects in high school auditoriums.   Rental price, $15.00 for each showing.

For further information concerning "Assassin of Youth" in film form, write directly to
594 Como Avenue
St. Paul 3, Minn.
[ info taken from the book – The Assassin of Youth]
MUSEUM COMMENT:   Note that there is something wrong here.   WorldCat (the inter library loan index), list the production date as 1957, but the book being quoted was from the year 1945.

1951 - The Story of a Teen Age Drug Addict
Depicts the gradual stages of how a young man becomes a drug addict.   He starts by getting in with the wrong crowd, smoking marijuana, and eventually becomes a heroin addict.   A stay in the hospital for heroin withdrawal and help from social workers enable him to start a new life.   1 film reel (22 min); sd., b&w; 16 mm.
Young America Films; - 1951 - audience, high school.

1951 - Subject Narcotics
[Medical Marihuana is only one of many drugs talked about]
De-classified police orientation and training film.   Dramatized sequences of drug addicts in shooting galleries and committing crimes in downtown Los Angeles.   Originally restricted from public viewing, this film portrays violence and actual drug use from rolling marijuana joints to cutting heroin to cooking opium in a spoon.   Shows excellent footage of the "old" streets of downtown Los Angeles complete with thugs and strung out prostitutes.
Produced and directed by renowned filmmakers Denis and Terry Sanders.
Producer: Anti-Narcotic League of America, D/T Sanders - Run Time: 21:01 Minutes
Marijuana is still "a powerful excitant" that produces "unpredictable emotional results"
Produced for police orientation and training, this film presents drug addiction not simply as a crime but as a deep seated social problem.   With dramatized sequences of addicts in shooting galleries and excellent footage of pre-renewal downtown Los Angeles, a neighborhood now lost.
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1951 - The Terrible Truth
Terrible Truth
Classic 1950's film portraying marijuana use as a stepping stone to heroin addiction.
Phyllis is a beautiful teenage girl who tells us that when you smoke a marijuana cigarette "everything speeds up to 100 miles an hour!".   After she meets a "peddler" named Chuck, she starts wearing makeup, becomes addicted to heroin, commits crimes, goes through withdrawal symptoms and eventually reforms.   Ends with a judge claiming the Russians are behind the American drug trade and the following newspaper headlines...
"Ask Death Penalty for Dope Peddlers" ... & ..."America's Teen Age Dope 'Fad' Ending!"
CONTENT ADVISORY: Portrayal of psychedelic drug use and withdrawal.
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1951 - Drug Addiction
Drug Addition
Uses animated drawings to explain the derivation of various drugs and the harmful reactions of marijuana, heroin, and cocaine.   Related the story of a high school boy who tries heroin as an "Experiment," steals in order to purchase more, and becomes a grave liability to society.   Encyclopedia Britannica Films, Inc. – 1951 Film 1 film reel (22 min); sd., b&w; 16mm LC: HV5824.Y68
Drug Addiction - Encyclopedia Britannica Films, Inc.
Classic "slippery slope" narrative of post-World War II stoned slackerdom.
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1952 - Narcotics and You
Describes the nature and origin of opium, cocaine, and marijuana; indicates medicinal uses of narcotics; emphasizes the physical and mental deterioration which results from drug addiction; and surveys the laws which have been enacted to prevent illegal drug traffic. 2 filmstrips (41, 48 fr.); col.;; 35 mm; 2 teachers guides. – 1952 Young America Films
OCLC 7558290
DATABASE: Library of Congress Online Catalog
Narcotics and you. Part 1 [Filmstrips]
LC Control Number: fi 53001053
[n.p.] Young America Films, 1952. p. 41 fr., color, 35 mm.

1955 - Pusher:
A documentary showing re-enacted case histories of victims of drug addiction taken from the files of narcotic enforcement agencies.   The Pusher / Social Service Pictures (sd., 1955, 16 min.)

1961 - Narcotics: the Decision
Author: United Research and Training Productions.
Publisher: [New York : Association Films], 1961.
Edition/Format: Film : Film : Partial animation Visual material : English
Database: WorldCat Summary: Pictures the effects of barbiturates, marijuana, and opiates on humans. Shows how a teen-age girl of a good family becomes addicted. OCLC Number: 9268058

1966 - Narcotics and Health
Abstract: Discusses the source, production, uses, and effects of various narcotic drugs--cocaine, marijuana, caffeine, and belladonna.   Examines the relationship between narcotic addition and crime.   Explains government regulations regarding the labeling of patent medicines.
Description: 1 filmstrip (40 fr.) :; col. ; 35 mm. +; 1 guide. Corp Author(s): Eye Gate House, inc. Series: Alcohol, narcotics, and tobacco ; [no. 4]; Variation: Alcohol, narcotics and tobacco.; no. 4. Standard No: LCCN: fia 66-2556
Class Descriptors: LC: RC566 - OCLC: 14637469

1967 - Narcotics: Pit of Despair
Pit of Despair
1967 Narcotics: Pit of Despair (Parts I and II)
Dark vision of drug use and its effect on American youth.
Abstract: Describes how an average boy begins to use barbiturates to help him through his studies and how he gradually becomes addicted to marijuana and heroin.   Emphasizes the psychological dependence of the addict on drugs, even after extensive treatment.
Class Descriptors: LC: RC566 - OCLC: 6314362

Tells the story of a boy from a good home who begins using narcotics 'JUST FOR KICKS' and later becomes addicted to the point where he is dropped out of school and eventually arrested.
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1968 - Marijuana
Plot Summary:   Sonny Bono appears onscreen to tell kids that marijuana is a "bummer" that turns you into a "weedhead" and will make you "trip out" (the fact that... more
Author: DWD-3 from Tulsa, Oklahoma
This silly, ridiculous, unintentionally hilarious and at times disturbing "public awareness" short will leave you wondering what Sonny Bono was thinking.   This film is full of "pro/con viewpoint" discussions, but lacking in substance (pardon the pun) and that F-word that everybody hates: facts.   With a poorly written narration, Sonny Bono comes off as the weird guy next door who knows little to nothing about drugs or any surrounding issue -- the damaging effects of THC weren't even discussed -- the "facts" presented are extremely superficial (thank you, Sonny, for telling us that a big danger of getting high is a bad bummer).   But what do I know?   Perhaps Marijuana/drug research was behind in those days and the science behind these stupid drugs wasn't available.   Who knows?   In any case, the acting is awful, the film is a pandering, patronizing waste of time, and if you watch it, don't expect to learn anything.   In short: absurd.
Standard No: National Library: 9510782
Abstract: Sonny Bono explores the reasons often given to justify use of marijuana and other drugs.   This program includes dramatized presentation of fact and opinion designed to provoke discussion, but leaves decisions to viewers.
Class Descriptors: NLM: HF1924; QV 77.7 OCLC: 33076613
[can be downloaded for free at]

1966 - Edge of Discovery
In Database: A-V Online 2007/01 Abstract: Explores what it is like to be a certain kind of young person.   Features a girl who is living with a man and using marijuana, but points out that the problems that concern her are basic human problems such as how to get along with her neighbors, and how to be happy with her boyfriend.
Descriptors: Life-skills; Culture-and-social-processes; Group-and-interpersonal-processes; Human-behavior; Human-relations; Social-issues
Media Type: 16 mm film, optical sound
Producer Name:   University of Pennsylvania; 3440 Woodland Ave; Philadelphia; PA; 19104; USA Distributor:   University of Pennsylvania; 3440 Woodland Ave; Philadelphia; PA; 19104; Special Features:
Accession Number: 0034731

1968 - Marijuana: A Foolish Fad
Corp Author(s): Cathedral Films.
Series: Drugs in our society,; no. 5; Variation: Drugs in our society.; no. 5.
Standard No: LCCN: fi 68-2075
Abstract: Discusses the history of marijuana, its increased use as a hallucinogen, the physical and psychological effects of the drug, and current laws concerning the use of marijuana. Note(s): In LC collections./ With study guide and script by Richard S. Scott. Class Descriptors: LC: HV5822.M3; Dewey: 613.8 - OCLC: 5648781

1969 - Keep Off The Grass
Keep Off The Grass
Tom gets in trouble when his mother finds a joint in his room.   Instead of punishing Tom, his father challenges him to learn more about marijuanas evil effects on society.   Nobody gets killed in this Sid Davis film, yet Tom still learns a harsh lesson after being mugged by druggies and learning that his best friend sells pot to school children
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1969 - Drug Abuse: The Chemical Tomb
Chemical Tomb
Interesting anti-drug film criticizing drug use as an inhibitor of necessary social change.   Director: Alan Kishbaugh.   Narrator: Chuck Bowman.
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1960's HIGH
Description --- This 60's Canadian "trainspotting for potheads" drug propaganda film follows a love triangle gone wrong as hippies experiment with sex and drugs, leading to theft, fraud, prostitution, and ultimately, MURDER! -- Thanks to Flash Gordon
More info:

1970 - Marijuana --- Don't Try It
Corp Author(s): Curriculum Studios, inc. Publication: Westport, CT :; Curriculum Studios, Inc.
Description: 30 frames :; sd., col. ;; 35 mm.; 1 sound disc and teacher's guide.
Abstract:   "The purpose of this film strip is to dissuade 8 to 11 year old children from trying marijuana. ... It includes only the reasons young children can understand, and only the reasons necessary to achieve the purpose of keeping them from trying marijuana."  --- Teacher's guide to the script.   Note(s): Sound disc and teacher's guide have same title as filmstrip./ Sound disc is CO 3258 and has audible signals for manual equipment.   Class Descriptors: LC: HV5824.C45 - Material Type: Filmstrip (flm)  - OCLC: 27131506

1970 - Marijuana: the Great Escape
Corp Author(s): Bailey-Film Associates.   Description: 20 min.; sd. color.; 16 mm. - Standard No: LCCN: 71-708044 Abstract: Presents a situation in which a successful drag racer persuades his girl friend to join him in using marijuana.   Designed to stimulate discussion of the use of marijuana and drugs by young people.
Note(s): With study guide.   - Class Descriptors: Dewey: 613.8
Responsibility: Producer, J. Gary Mitchell. Material Type: Film (mot); Adolescent (shs)
Document Type: Visual Material - OCLC: 6443481

1970 - [WANTED] - Drug Inserts
(RP 25-0 [June 1970]) Author: United States
Record for Item: "Drug inserts. / (RP 25-0 ..Availability: Check the catalogs in your library. Title: Drug inserts.- (RP 25-0 [June 1970]) Corp Author(s): United States.; American Forces Radio and Television Service. ; AFRTS Collection (Library of Congress) Publication: [Los Angeles] : American Forces Radio and Television Service, Description: on 1 side of 1 sound disc :; analog, 33 1/3 rpm ;; 12 in.
Standard No: LCCN: 2004-651013
Contents: Drug offense penalties / Dr. Donald Luria (2:03) -- Marijuana and the law / Jack Perkins (2:51) -- Drug usage / Alex Drier (2:12) -- Stamp out LSD / Dr. Donald Luria (1:45) -- Who are the drug users? / Charles Kuralt (3:04) -- Hollywood and pot / Ralph Story, host ; Michael Arrain, guest (1:34) -- Combatting import of marijuana / Dr. Joyce Brothers (2:20) -- Drug abuse and legislative control / Sen. Harold Hughes (3:48).
SUBJECT(S) - Descriptor: Radio programs.
Genre/Form: Public service announcements -- Radio.
Note(s): Original radio series produced by AFRTS; contains public service announcements./ Title from matrix area./ Previously shelved under: NCP 75./ Issued with: Lucy in the sky with diamonds. Class Descriptors: LC: LPB 60685
Material Type: Non-musical recording (nsr); LP recording (lps)
Document Type: Sound Recording - OCLC: 54024502

MUSEUM COMMENT:   - This appears to be an audio tape and should not be in the Ed. Film index?

1971 - Social Seminar With Bunny
Social Seminar With Bunny
Portrays a young college student who smokes marijuana from time to time, usually with friends, for social relaxation.   Raises such questions as why does she turn on, how does she view the drug culture and to what extent does the occasional use of marijuana effect her lifestyle, ambitions and self-perception

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1972 - Brink of Disaster (part I & II)
Brink of Disaster
How 1960s activism "threatens" American moral, religious and ethical principles.  

Film opens with montage of scenes of student protest.   Credits occur over this sequence.   Loosely structured as a narrative in which John Smith (a college student) is visited by his great great great (etc.) grandfather John Smith (from 1776), this film works to educate a young audience on the "breakdown of moral, religious, and ethical principles" in the US.   With the help of a history professor, John Smith (1776) explains how he gave his life to build the USA and nowadays a "bunch of young houligans" are working to destroy it.   Though fairly banal visually (the whole film is set in a library which the "weirdos" have threatened to torch) there are tons of amazing sound bytes regarding student movements (SDS as "students for a dirtier society"), religion, marijuana, sexuality, freedom of speech ("freedom of speech has become freedom of filth"), pornography ("filthy books that no decent people would read").   There is discussion of H. "Rap" Brown (accompanied by archival footage) calling upon student bodies to carry guns.   There is also footage and discussion of the riots, burning, and looting done by student activists.   The film ends as the student radicals break their way into the library--the image freezes and a title card reads: "will you let this be THE END?"

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Marijuana & Alcohol
Running Time: 5 min - Description - High school narrators lead middle school students through drug-specific sections by asking them "true-false" questions.   Middle schoolers respond, giving narrators the opportunity to dispel myths, give truths, and encourage younger students to choose a drug-free lifestyle now Physiological-effects-of-alcohol; Driver-education; Narcotics-Medications Media Type: 16 mm film, optical sound
Producer Name: Chevrolet Motor, Division of General Motors
Corporation; General Motors Bldg; Detroit; MI; 48202; USA
Distributor Name 1: Modern Education Services - Modern Talking
Picture Service; Customer Service Ctr, PO Box 17620; Clearwater; FL; 34622;
(800)243-6877 (813)532-0706 (800)237-7143
Special Features: Color Length: 34 Minutes -- Entry/Verification Date: 19750101
Accession Number: 0057809

In Database: A-V Online 2007/01
Abstract: Shows how bulk marijuana is distributed by an adult pusher to student hustlers who roll the marijuana into 'STICKS' and sell them in school.
Grade and Audience Level: H C
Media Type: 16 mm film, optical sound
Special Features: Color - Length: 15 Minutes
Accession Number: 0057809

1978 - Reading, Writing, and Reefer
[motion picture] / a Films Incorporated presentation; [presented by] NBC News.   Author(s) Films Incorporated. Subject(s) Marijuana Abuse , Adolescent , Child , Infant Publisher [United States] : National Broadcasting Co., c1978.
Description 2 film reels (52 min.) : sd., col. ; 16 mm.
Notes (Producer) The chronic use of marijuana by children and teenagers is explored through interviews with the children, their parents, and medical experts.   The psychological, social, and educational impact on the young people is portrayed.   Possible beneficial, as well as harmful uses of marijuana are discussed.   Location HMD Collection-Copy may not be available for immediate use
Call Number WM 276 MP16 no.1 1978

1991 - Marijuana and the Mind
[videorecording] : intoxication & addiction [presented by] AIMS Media.
Author(s) Meyers, Michael J. ; Burns, Marcelline.
Length: 16 minutes
Description:   This informative program shows how marijuana works in the brain to cause intoxication.   It provides forthright media support for Health and Life Skills units on alcohol and drug education, personal health and decision-making.   Students gain understanding of the consequences of behavior choices as medical experts present findings from studies demonstrating how marijuana inhibits brain function.   THC, the chemical property found in marijuana, is discussed, and the areas of the brain in which it concentrates are effectively illustrated.   The correlation between unsafe behaviors such as marijuana use and physical well-being is further shown through demonstration of significant changes in test subjects' reflexes, judgment, memory, and perception while under the influence of marijuana.
Grade Level: Grades 6 - 12, Adult - VHS $99.95

1994 - Marijuana and You
Author: Educational Video Network, Inc
Publication: Huntsville, Texas :; Educational Video Network, Inc., Inc.,
Description: 1 videocassette (vhs) (24 min.) :; sd., col. ;; 1/2 in. +; 1 sheet of study instruction.
Abstract: Scientists are just now getting their first look at the effect of long-term marijuana usage.
Note(s): Educational Video Network, Inc. series No. 261
Class Descriptors: LC: HV 5822.M3 OCLC: 30836325

1999 - Marijuana the Escape to Nowhere
Author(s) Hazelden Foundation. Blue Moon Productions.
Drugs of Addiction Video Series - Video, 1/2" VHS, 40 min, cc
Item: 4067 - Publisher: Hazelden - Published Year: 1999
List Price: $149.00 Each - Your Price: $149.00 Each
Description:   - Marijuana The Escape to Nowhere Video challenges myths about marijuana by clearly stating that marijuana is addictive and use results in physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences.   It also explains to clients in simple language the pharmacology of today's more potent marijuana and shares the hope and healing of recovery.   Hazelden Bookstore 1-800-328-9000   Copyright 2007, Hazelden Foundation

ONCE MORE this list is far from complete and represents only a short listing of Educational films that we have been able to locate.   In addition (as we have not actually seen some of these films), some of them might not even contain a Reefer Madness content.



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