Chapter 3
Old Time Radio Programs

Chapter 3.6

Did such and such an Old Radio Program contain anti-Medical Marihuana references?

If so, were these references orchestrated in such a way so as to constitute part of the dis-information campaign?
Because there is no established INDEXING system for the Reefer Madness campaign, in many cases collectors are left to fend for themselves.   With no real way of way of determining whether or not an old radio program actually contained Reefer Madness content or not.

True, there are numerous books on the subject of Old Time Radio and numerous Internet Indexes do exist, but for the most part they constitute nothing more than the program's title and a scant description (if any at all).   It almost makes you want to cry; about all one can do is try keyword searches [Cannabis; Marihuana ; Reefer(s) etc.] -- hoping for the best.   True devotees could/would use more generic terms such as [ Narcotic(s) ; dope ; drug(s) ; etc. ] -- and again, hope for the best.

But keyword searches don’t always come out so good; here are two examples:
    A program entitled - “MARIHUANA” [Mollie Mystery Theater] which was based on the famous Reefer Madness Era Dime Novel by Cornell Woolrich, would seem to be a shoe-in for Reefer Madness-hood.   But according to David Goldin’s website []:   The scripts plot was changed to alcohol and an un-named liquid substance, with NO MENTION OF MARIHUANA being made at all.   “A grief sicken man leaves his wife, knifes a girl at a party, then shoots a cop etc.”

    While another entitled -"TEENAGE DRUG SELLER" [Big Town] - was pure Reefer Madness, A must for any scholar of the disinformation campaign. But how is anyone to figure that out by simply looking at the title?   True the word Drug is in there [but not marihuana], thus unless you knew in advance one would be hard pressed to locate it as a collector.
Thus the logic behind the following index.   No, none of the following programs have anything whatsoever to do with the Reefer Madness campaign and as such can comfortably be ignored.   The purpose of this index is to prevent confusion and as a public service to scholars doing research on the subject.   It consists of Old Time Radio programs that have either drug related story plots or episode titles such as "Cigarettes of Death" or "Loco Weed" that sound about right, but simply have NOTHING to do with the origin of the anti-medical marihuana laws.

Think of it as a way of saving yourselves a lot of coins on useless programs that you don’t really want in the first place.

[NOTE: - To the best of our knowledge (while mistakes are possible), none of the listed programs contain references of any kind to Medical Marihuana]
[Last Update = Jan 2010]

  • ARMSTRONG OF THE SBI - (around) 1951 1/2 hour "The Deadliest Of The Species" narcotics = Heroin
  • BIG TOWN - Feb. 1, 1949 "Murder In The Snow". The Narcotic is Snow, not about Marijuana.
  • BLAIR OF THE MOUNTIES -#17+ #18 Dope Smuggling (Part 1) AKA - "The Kittilak Lagoon Mystery" 15 Min. ea. - The dope seems to be opium.
  • BLACKSTONE THE MAGIC DETECTIVE - "Crimes On A Merry-Go-Round Sep. 11, 1949. #50 Dope not Marihuana.
  • Bold Venture #3 - April 9, 1951 - Opium Smugglers and Young Girl (aka White Envelope, aka Six Crates Of Apples, Bills of Lading) - Only about Opium
  • [Broadcast Speech] - Attorney-General Cummings on "Narcotics Traffic." - WABC-CBS - Collection (Library of Congress) Year: 1935 - Abstract: In this speech broadcast on Mar. 21, 1935, Attorney General Homer Cummings makes an appeal for enactment of a law regulating narcotic use. He also discusses illicit use of narcotics in America and the public's need for education regarding this issue. - Nothing about Medical Marihuana. OCLC: 28669627
  • Calling All Cars - April 25, 1934. "Captain Courageous" About a Japanese "dope deal." Cocaine
  • CALLING ALL CARS July 18, 1934 29:21 Program #34 "The Manchuko Dope Ring". About a morphine smuggling plot
  • CALLING ALL CARS [Not about medical marihuana, but it does have the voice of O'Ferral (the narc) himself] The Skid Row Dope Ring. Oct 2, 1934 32:09 Program #45. The story is taken from real life
  • CALLING ALL CARS "A Thousand Pieces Of Eight" A.K.A. "A thousand Pieces of Paper" Nov. 13, 1934 About a gang of dope smugglers, but no reference to the dope
  • Calling All Cars Mar 5, 1935 Undercover Woman -- About a woman who worked for the narcotics squid. About Morphine
  • Calling All Cars June 18, 1935 The Chinese Puzzle Opium, Morphine, cocaine, everything but Marihuana
  • CALLING ALL CARS 1935-07-23 --- Opium Den
  • CALLING ALL CARS - "The Bad Dope". Aug 28, 1935 Program #92. Some thing about a group of Japanese drug (morphine) smuggler's.
  • CALLING ALL CARS - "Catching The Loose Kid" Nov 6, 1935 30:16 Program #102. Story takes place in 1927, Morphine not a reefer madness story.
  • CALLING ALL CARS 36-08-06 Opium And Dough Don't Mix
  • Calling All Cars Feb 3, 1937 Whistling Snowbirds - Morphine
  • Calling All Cars June 16, 1937 The Bamboo Snake - Narcotics from China
  • Calling All Cars Aug. 11, 1937 The Manila Envelopes - Voice of William Walker Morphine
  • Calling All Cars Sept 28, 1937 The Crimonson Crusader Dope, narcotics, morphine
  • CALLING ALL CARS - The General Kills At Dawn Dec 14, 1937 Program #212. About drugs entering the U. S. from Mexico.
  • Calling All Cars Mar 22, 1938 The Long Bladed Knife Drugs, Morphine
  • CALLING ALL CARS - "The Case Of The Greasy Rail" (AKA - the Greasy Trail) - June 2, 1938 29:41 Program #236 - A respectable doctor is turning his patients into dope addicts. Not a reefer madness story.
  • Campbell Playhouse - 1939-11-19 The Garden Of Allah [desert]
  • Campbell Playhouse - The Green Goddess
  • Captain Midnight 1940 Feb 23 - “A Smugglers Shack” -
  • CASES OF WARDEN LAWES "Case no.43587 M for Murder" The M does not stand for Medical Marihuana
  • CHANDU THE MAGICIAN - #294 Cigarettes Of Death 6/27/35
  • CHANDU THE MAGICIAN - "Framed For Smuggling" - 3/10/49 The drug is Morphine not marihuana
  • CHANDU THE MAGICIAN "THE Drug Runner" 11/19/1949 About an evil plot to frame Chandu with drugs. -- Drug seems to be Morphine.
  • Chandu The Magician - Aug 8, 1950 Naval Drug Fraud
  • Confession -- 07/05/1953 - Heroin
  • COUNTERSPY Feb 24, 1949 "Poison Peddler" - This is anything but an anti-medical marihuana story.
  • COUNTERSPY Feb 14, 1952 20 min "Fight Against Narcotics" Story is about heroin not marihuana
  • [Crime] [MI MICHIGAN STATE UNIV EEM ] Author(s): Crowley, One-Gun. Year: 1932 Abstract: includes additional comments on crime of the period, narcotics. - Broadcast on Fox Movietone
  • CRIME AND PETER CHAMBERS 1954/04/13 "Murder And Narcotics" 30Min
  • "CRIME DOES NOT PAY" 50-12-20- (062) "Strange Token" - Dope, "Cup of C" Morphine also mentioned
  • Diamond Dramas -Sep 22, 1945 - The Smuggler [diamond smugglers]
  • DANGEROUS ASSIGNMENT- 1950-05-31 "Drugged Diplomat" Some weird drug but not marihuana.
  • "DIALOGUE AMONG YOUNG DRUG OFFENDERS Author: Schweiker, William OCLC: 5658101
  • DON'T CHEAT UNCLE SAM - NEEDLEWORK#3 Mar 12, 1939 Morphine
  • DRAGNET Narcotics Thieves - Aug 4, 1949 30:00 (a.k.a.) "Benny Trounsel" : (a.k.a.) Narcotics Drugs Stolen at Hospitals
  • DRAGNET "Big Buy" 20 10-13-1949 NARCOTICS 175 oz. Heroin Released
  • DRAGNET "BIG MAN PART 1" Jan 12, 1950 29:40 -- Narcotics Ring Active - just about everything but marihuana is mentioned.
  • DRAGNET "BIG MAN PART 2" 01-19-50 Conclusion of previous show
  • DRAGNET "BIG ACTOR" 08-10-50 :29:40 -- Actor Steals Narcotics
  • DRAGNET "BIG MEET" 10-26-50 Drug Peddlers are on the Loose - Heroin
  • DRAGNET "BIG BINDLE" 05-31-51 :29:50 Heroin Pushers on the Loose
  • DRAGNET "BIG RED PART 1" 01-03-52 $100,000 Narcotics Ring - Heroin
  • DRAGNET "BIG RED PART 2" 01-10-52 Conclusion of previous show
  • DRAGNET "BIG JULES" 06-19-52 Heron is Entering the City
  • DRAGNET "BIG WALK" 11-16-52 Hi-Grade Heroin Bust in Los Angeles
  • DRAGNET "BIG EAVESDROP" 12-14-52 :25:00 About Heroin
  • DRAGNET - Jan 25, 1953. Program #188 "The Big Layout" A model student whose father is a cop, has become addicted
  • DRAGNET April 13, 1954. Program #243. "The Big Note". A young woman reports that her friend is a Heroin addict.
  • DRAGNET "BIG CHICK" 06-29-54 Dead Man (killed by narcotics) Found in the Lake. either Heroin or Morphine.
  • DRAGNET "BIG CAD" 08-17-54 :26:00 ROBBERY $4,000 in Narcotics from a wholesale drug company has been taken.
  • DRAGNET "BIG RULING" 09-06-55 Heroin Supply Reaches City
  • DRAGNET "BIG DAUGHTER" 09-13-55 Man Sells Heroin from Home
  • DRAGNET Aug 30, 1955 "The Big Fellow" A couple of brothers, (dope addicts) are looking for trouble
  • Dragnet NBC net origination, Sam Arthur Freed, a dope pusher specializing in hooking kids, is caught with narcotics on him, but he has been "searched illegally."
  • THE FBI IN PEACE AND WAR "The Smoke Ring" Cigars with no tax stamps but no marihuana
  • FEDERAL AGENT #35 "Chinatown"- Opium
  • FRONTIER TOWN - 1939 Narcotics Peddlers 14:42
  • FRONTIER TOWN - 1939 Narcotics Smuggled 14:37
  • GANG BUSTERS - Sep. 22, 1945. Program #400 "The Case Of The Red Evening Dress". The story of Juanita Hanson - (historical note: there was a women by the name of Juanita Hanson who took part in the reefer madness campaign, but this OTR is NOT about that Juanita.
  • GANG BUSTERS - April 10, 1948. Program #524 "The Case Of The High School Hotshots
  • GANG BUSTERS - Cincinnati Narcotics Ring. - This one is about heroin trafficking from Canada.
  • GANG BUSTERS - New York Narcotics King. - 4/3/1948
  • GANG BUSTERS - The bandit brothers.-- Narcotics ring. - Nothing to do with Medical Marihuana
  • Gang Busters - “The Case of the Smoke Ring” about a truck full of cigarettes.
  • Gangbusters - Hijacked Cigarettes and Murder
  • Gene Autry Smuggling near Mesa Vista
  • GREEN HORNET - "MURDER AND THE DOPE RACKET" Oct 18, 1945 :26:00 - This is an exciting one starring 'blabby the gangster'-machine gun killing over 'dope pills.'
  • GREEN HORNET Nov. 25, 1939 The Smuggling Racket (aka the smuggler signs his name) - Has nothing to do with Medical Marihuana.
  • Green Hornet - Juvenile Delinquency
  • Hearthstone Of The Death Squad - Aug. 30, 1951 "The Unheeded Warning Murder Case". Involved 'dope peddlers' who distributed 'dope' through a courier service, but no direct mention of marijuana
  • I CONFESS - Oct 17, 1952. Doris Kane runs away with her boyfriend Jimmy, and finds herself involved with drug addicts, robberies, and murder
  • Hopalong Cassidy Nov. 30, 1948 "The Medicine Man".
  • I CONFESS - Oct. 17, 1952. Narcotics Case Doris Kane runs away with her boyfriend Jimmy, and finds herself involved with drug addicts, robberies, and murder
  • INFORMATION PLEASE - Nov. 22, 1940- (133) Louis E Lawes - Contains the Voice of Louis Lawes himself.
  • INFORMATION PLEASE - Jan. 24, 1941 - (142) Boris Karloff Louis E Lawes
  • IN THE NAME OF THE LAW - "NARCOTICS IN THE TRUNK" 7-19,1936 :25:20 - Deals with heroin, found in a lady's truck she got from Shanghai.
  • Jerry Dean, Boy Trooper - Feb. 12, 1947 "The Case of The Smuggled Drugs". Cocaine
  • K-7 - "The narcotics Peddlers" It's about a cocaine gang. Narcotics peddlers smuggle it into country inside hollow bowling balls.
  • K-7 - "Boarder Violations" - Story has nothing to do with Marihuana.
  • Lux Radio Theater - The Count of Monte Cristo
  • THE STORY OF DR. KILDARE "Barbara lane, dope addict" March 8, 1950 :29:50 - The story is about a morphine addict. Brad Max (the creator of Dr. Kildar was a well known reefer madness author.
  • LET GEORGE DO IT - April 5, 1948 29:19 - Only the word Dope is used
  • Let George Do It - The Smugglers April 4, 1949
  • LET GEORGE DO IT - June 13, 1949 "Serenade To The Southern Star" something about smuggling 29:42.
  • LET GEORGE DO IT - Feb. 11, 1952 "Cotez Island" .About a gang of dope (dope unknown) smugglers 29:45
  • THE LINE UP - Drug Peddlers CBS net 1/2 hour
  • THE LINE UP - "Narcotics Agent Killer" - Story is about Heron
  • THE LINE UP - Narcotics - Morphine and Heroin 1/2 hour
  • Lightning Jim #15 Dope smugglers -- Morphine
  • THE LONE RANGER Aug 2, 1938 (0874) Border Dope Smuggling - A lot of pole-cats and half-bred women are smuggling Dope and the Lone Ranger has to track them down.
  • THE LONE RANGER Sept 2, 1938 #874 " Border Dope Smuggling" - A lot of pole-cats and half-bred women are smuggling Dope and the Lone Ranger has to track them down.
  • THE LONE RANGER Sep 21, 1938. Program #874/99. "Border Dope Smuggling" (AKA Bad Water)- no mention of "Loco Weed" just dope.
  • THE LONE RANGER Jan 31, 1941 Program #1252/469. - "The Lone Ranger's Protege". Doesn't have any drug references, but is about a horse thief's son done good with one reference to 'dope'
  • Lone Ranger - Sep 11, 1942- Border Smugglers - The word Drugs is used but nothing about Loco Weed.
  • THE LONE RANGER Nov 22, 1944 28:21 "Mrs. Carter" AKA "Smuggler's Feet". A gang of smugglers is bringing dope across the border. Dope is mentioned but not what kind.
  • The Man Called X -Oct 13, 1950- Custom Cigarettes The drug was tobacco
  • THE MAN CALLED X "Dope smuggling" March 3,1951 :30 min - A spy story, has something to do with a dope smuggler, not a reefer madness story.
  • MAN FROM HOMICIDE - "Seventeen Year Old Dope Addict" - July 9, 1951 Heroin or Morphine
  • MARPLE---The Herb Of Death - Title comes from a book a book by Agatha Christie.
  • Mercury Theater 39-10-01 The Count of Monte Cristo
  • MOLLIE MYSTERY - "LADY IN THE MORGUE" 84 05-15-45 :30 min No mention of Marihuana in the radio program. However the story was taken from a well known novel of the same title (1936 by Jonathan Latimer), part of which reads as follows: "A nude woman found hanging from a bathroom door has no shoes, no name, no friends, and only four dollars. But someone wants her body enough to kill a morgue attendant to steal it (we've got a dead naked blonde, an alcoholic private detective, a marihuana smoker, a drunken bulldog, and a left-handed undertaker --how could you *possibly* need anything more in a mystery."
  • MR. I. A. MOTO May 27, 1951 "The Smoke Screen". The Chinese Communists attempt to smuggle a lot of Opium into this country.
  • NICK CARTER, MASTER DETECTIVE Nov. 10, 1943 Drug Ring Murder - A scientist is killed over 'habit forming drugs' and 'drug peddling ring'; Life Preserves filled with Dope!
  • THE NICK HARRIS PROGRAM - July 1, 1938 14 Min. "The Young Shoplifter" Part 1 and July 8, 1938 Part 2. a.k.a. "The Detective Nick Harris." Young girl is helped out by detective Nick Harris Morphine, Cocaine addict.
  • NIGHTBEAT 1950's 30 Min #209 "18 Year Old Drug Addict" Australian
  • PHYL Coe MYSTERIES - 1937 - Program #12. "The Jagged Rock Mystery" The drug is Morphine.
  • 21ST PRECINCT Sept 29, 1953 The Shooting Gallery A drug addict sets off a false alarm so he get help in prison
  • 21ST PRECINCT Sept 29, 1954 The Walker A Drug dealer hides in the 21st Precinct station
  • 21ST PRECINCT Mar. 30, 1955 The Horn Undercover cop (posing as a musician) breaks up a narcotics ring
  • 21ST PRECINCT Jan 5, 1955 The Trade A cop is accused by a drug dealer of taking a bribe.
  • POLICE HEADQUARTERS - 1932 Program #8. "Dope" AKA Tommy Woods is dead -- The story is about a Chinese Opium ring. 14:56.
  • POLICE HEADQUARTERS - Silver Collection A.K.A. "Danny"- 1932. Program #13. Isaac Nathan killed by Cocaine 14:35.
  • PURSUIT 07/15/1950 Pursuit Of The Limehouse Killers Investigation of a narcotics ring leads to the murder of a policeman. heroin
  • RICHARD DIAMOND, Private Detective - Nov. 26, 1949 - 29:50 min. "William Carter and Helena Fisher"
  • RICHARD DIAMOND, Private Detective - Feb 26, 1950 - "Cop Killer". not marihuana.
  • RICHARD DIAMOND, PRIVATE DETECTIVE Wrong Laundry Tag" Narcotics Sept 6, 1950 - name of narcotics not name given.
  • ROCKY FORTUNE Mar. 2, 1954 :25 "Drug Addict" AKA "The Doctor's Delemma" Raymond Burr Rocky is a Process Server.
  • THE ROY ROGERS SHOW "LOCO WEED" Feb. 8, 1952 30:30 Although the term Loco Weed is the western term for Medical Marihuana, the story is about a bunch of cattle that eat a plant and become sick.
  • The Silent Men Oct 21, 1951 "The Empire Of Pip The Blind". -Opium / Heroin
  • Silent Men - Nov. 18, 1951 Heroin Source X
  • SPACE Patrol Aug 21, 1954 "Formula For Crime"
  • STORY LADY - Count of Monte Cristo [ What the Hell]
  • SUSPENSE Oct. 25, 1955. "To None A Deadly Drug". A druggist gives a small boy the wrong medicine and tries to find him before he kills himself with it.
  • SUSPENSE "The Singing Walls" Nov. 2, 1944 Has muffled sound, but is About Danny who remembers killing a man and puts him in the closet - he was 'drugged' by resident thugs - putting 'extra thick cream' in his coffee - he was 'doped' and given a knife. He is assisted by a police 'friend' he finds the body and they capture the culprits by over hearing them in an open window -No references to medical marihuana.
  • Story Lady - Count of Monte Cristo [ What the Hell]
  • T-MEN July 29, 1950 29:44 "The Big Mexican Dope" About opium smugglers from Mexico
  • TALES OF THE TEXAS RANGERS - "Living Death". Oct. 8, 1950 29:31 - Story is about a narcotics smuggling operation and murder etc., BUT not about marihuana.
  • TALES OF THE TEXAS RANGERS - "KILLER'S CROP" Dec. 30, 1951 29:32 Kitty Barrows, a narcotics user, is found murdered. Not a marihuana story
  • Tom Mix Dec. 15, 1941 Border Smugglers - no mention of any drug is made.
  • Top Secrets Of The FBI - Nov. 12, 1947 "The Vest Pocket Broadcasting System" The FBI tracks down a dope ring by using the latest electronic equipment. Narcotics/Heroin
  • Town Meeting of the Air -- March 1948: In a Town Meeting of the Air radio broadcast, Saturday Review of Literature drama critic John Mason Brown described comic books as "the marijuana of the nursery; the bane of the bassinet; the horror of the house; the curse of the kids; and a threat to the future." [the museum has NOT been able to obtain a copy of this program, however, after looking over all newspaper accounts, etc., we believe that it has nothing to do with medical marihuana other than that one statement.]
  • True Adventures Of Junior G-Men July 1936 - “The League of One Legged Men" Chinese = Dope, probable Opium in smuggling in hollow leg.
  • THE UNTOUCHABLES July 30, 1951 30 1/2 min Program #3. About narcotics addiction Heroin
  • WHITEHALL 1212 - June 29, 1952- Case of The Weed Eradication -
  • WORLD ADVENTURE CLUB - Malay Madness - - the Malays were supposed to have gone amuck after using medical marihuana, but not on this episode.
  • The young narcotic addict - Apr. 3, 1955. OCLC: 24399290
  • YOUR FBI IN PEACE & WAR "THE SMOKE RING" About a cigar (tobacco) smuggling ring. Something about not taxes being paid. More power to them.
  • YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR Oct 15, 1949 - 29:55 "Dr. Otto Schmedlich," or "An Apple A Day Sent The Doctor Away" A medical doctor is creating drug addicts
  • YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR April 25, 1950 - 29:36 "The Search For Policy Holder Pearl Carassa". Johnny gets beaten up by Las Vegas underworld narcotics crooks
  • YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR June 22, 1950 - 29:42 "The London Matter" Not about Medical Marihuana
  • YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR Mar 10, 1951 - 29:18 "The Stanley Springs Matter" Narcotics smuggling but it's NOT medical marihuana.
  • YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR Oct 7, 1950 -29:42 "The Richard Splain Matter" About narcotics smuggling, but no mention of medical marihuana
  • YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR Aug 13, 1961 - 24:32 "The Wrong Doctor Matter". About Heroin in Mexico


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