According to Anslinger’s modern day apologists:
  1. In the early 1930’s, research (into Marihuana) at the time was scant and contradictory.   Or as they put it, “at the time, there was a poverty of information on the subject.”

  2. Thus it was easy to believe the worst; -- Meaning such stories as those of ‘young girls jumping out of fifth story windows,’ or of ‘young boys grabbing axes and murdering their families’, were actually being believed at the time.

  3. Thus Marijuana quickly became associated in the public mind with violent crime.

  4. With poor, poor Harry Ansligner (As head Federal Narc at the time) was therefore being pushed all about by others to help pass some sort of anti-Marihuana laws. . . . etc.
If true these would indeed be good talking points for his modern day apologists to use.   After all if one is to error would it not be best to error on the side of caution.   And assuming their claims were true then shouldn’t we have expect Anslinger to have taken the steps that he did?

However, the problem with all these statements is that there was NO POVERTY of information (as they claim) but instead A WEALTH of such information in existence at the time.



Simply NOT TRUE, as can be seen just from the INDEX OF MEDICAL JOURNALS (taken from our sister museum website – www.AntiqueCannabisBook.com and reprinted below), there was plenty of research and it was far from scanty.   And there are other indexes of Medical Textbooks, writings from Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (our museum has documented thousands of pre-WW2 medicines that made use of Cannabis), and . . . . . just take our word for it, the part about ‘scant research’ is a total lie.

From a historical perspective, there were just as many medical articles/studies done on Cannabis as were done on just about any other herbal medicine (Camphor, Belladonna, Digitalis, etc.) at the time, and (we should add) that for the most part, most of these findings were very positive in nature.   Now granted, some of the articles listed do indeed have negative opinions (or contradictory in nature), which in a free society (a society that respects free inquiry) are to be expected.   However, I can assure you that given the vast number of positive ones, those few negative ones are by far in the minority.   --- But in any case, research was not scant, and in fact far from it.   By the time Anslinger came along Cannabis had been in medical use by American doctors for almost a hundred years previously.   As the late Dr. Tod Mikuriya so well put it; “At first (era 1850’s) physicians had problems with exact dosages but by the early twentieth century they had it down to a “T”.   I.e., so many milligrams of medical Cannabis per kilo-gram of body weight, etc”.

Thus the very arguments being brought out by his apologists today are (like so many other things regarding Harry Anslinger’s life) essentially, all based on lies.

As already stated, there was NO POVERTY, but instead A WEALTH of information on the subject at the time.   Yet, it appears that the apologists would have us believe that poor Harry Anslinger was totally fooled by the scare stories at the time and actually believed that Marijuana (or Mexican Opium) use led to the commission of bestial crimes.   --- To quote the words of a report put together by the AMA at the time; -- “Absolute Rot”.

Absolute Rot
Absolute Rot
[Anslinger collection, PennState University, Box 09 - File 41 – Report by the AMA by William C. Woodward, MD]

Or putting it another way, our own museum has documented thousands of Cannabis medicines that was sold legally in drugstores throughout the nation.

Yet there are those who would have us believe that ALL those doctors throughout the years, had just forgotten to notice one small (itty-bitty) little thing, that all their patients were running around grabbing axes, jumping out of fifth story windows. . . yeah, right, or as the AMA said, “Absolute Rot”.

Before And After

Experience has taught me that the bigger the lie, the harder it is to counteract it.   That technicallly Adolph Hitter was right, there’s just something about the big lie that sells.   Thus (this one being one of the biggest out there), I will not try to directly contradict.   Instead I will simply ask the reader to examine the following facts and make the determination for themselve’s.
  • Who was it that ordered the creation of his Gore File?   A gore file specifically designed to create an atmosphere of hysteria.   Answer: it was Anslinger.

  • Who traveled around the country speaking at forums and giving inflammatory speeches, regarding the new dope menace?   Answer: it was Anslinger.

  • Who got up on (nationwide) radio programs urging, pleading for the public’s help in combating this new drug menace also known as Mexican Opium?   Answer” it was Anslinger.

  • Who got up in front of Congressional hearings providing (what he knew to be) false testimonies about fake bestial crimes allegedly committed by marihuana addicts under the influence of marihuana at the time of commission?   Answer: it was Anslinger.
WHO . . . okay, I could go on, but I believe the reader gets the picture.   As far as I’m concern, Harry Anslinger was no innocent sweet-pea being pushed along by the current, but instead one of the marijuana law’s main orchestrators.


The following index listing of Medical [Cannabis] Articles from various medical journals (of their day) is present here solely as a service to the historian or scholar doing research on the subject, and for the most part has really nothing to do with the Reefer Madness campaign itself.  

However, it does bring emphasis on the shear volume of works that had been written about the subject in the decades preceding the campaign, during which physicians were (with satisfactory results) employing the drug in their practices.   How than was it possible for these same journals to have remained so silent during the campaign?   [See Editorial Opinion - bottom of this web page]

This listed is (sort of) in Alphabetical order by journal title.  It covers mostly medical journal articles written between the years 1838 and 1942.   In most cases the article title adequately describes its contact, so for those interested in specific subjects, simply make use of your web browsers search tools.

Medical Journal Index:
[last update = July 22, 2005]

This index (a work in progress) attempts to document as many Pre-1937 Medical Journal dealing with the subject of Medical Marihuana (than known as Cannabis) as possible.   As such it is in constant flux, with additions constantly being added, or corrections being noted etc.   HOWEVER, due to the amount of work required, it may not always be possible to maintain the latest, most correct, listing on the internet.   Thus if you are using it to do research, it is strongly suggested that you contact the museum to obtain the latest copy.   This is a free service.

= Article has been typed and entered into MS-Word format
[S] = Article has been scanned by computer
[ ] = doesn’t mean anything
[**] = Museum has a copy but no one has entered it onto CD-ROM format.

[For the most part ALL articles are available to anyone (except narc’s) on CD-ROM format for the cost of a blank CD and shipping.]

WARNING - While every precaution to insure accuracy been taken, it is very possible that some mistakes (bad dates, page numbers etc.,) have been made.   If you spot any, please let us know.

[e]- IRELAND, Thomas: “Insanity from the abuse of Indian hemp” St. Louis, 1893, Vol. 14, pages 622-630.  - [up to 50% of Indian insane asylums are filled with . . . In Cairo, in British Guiana . . . Homicidal Mania etc. Interesting Reading]

[e]- CANNABIS. - Vol. 3, 1896 page 48-49 [Dr. recommends Cannabis for Head Pain etc.]
[e]- CANNABIN AND ATROPINE AS AN ANODYNE. Vol. 6, 1899 page 435-436 [Letter to the Editor by Dr. V.E. Lawrence] Cannabin
[e]- STOMATITIS CANNABIS. - Vol. 7, 1900 - page 464 [An aphrodisiac]
[e]- CANNABIS INDICA. - Vol. 7, 1900 - page 690 [quotes the Mercks Archives]
[Various brand name Cannabins, Cannabons mentioned - medical uses mentioned as well as as an anaphrodisiac]

American Drug Manufacturers Association
[Proceedings of the American Drug Manufacturers Association] --- A yearly book giving reports from its members.
[S]- 1918 - Topic III - Cannabis - Report by Dr. Eldred. page 214-218 [Seventh annual meeting]
[Wanted]- Cannabis - 1897 45 - 417 2nd 1897 45 216
[S]- 1920 - Cannabis - American vs. the east Indian drug" -page 223-226 [Ninth Annual Meeting]
[Wanted]-- WALTERS, A. L.: Report of the subcommittee on Cannabis, Proceedings of the American Drug Manufacturers Association. New York, 1921, page 323
[S]- 1922 - Cannabis By Dr. A.L. Walters page 144-145 - [note a damning report, which showed the difficulty of standardization of Cannabis.] [ Eleventh seventh annual meeting ]
[S]- 1922 - Cannabis Assay Discussed - page 145146, a conversation between Dr. Dohme and Dr. Walters. [ Eleventh seventh annual meeting ]
[S]- 1922 - "Poison Labels" page 221-226 - a report on different products that should have poison labels. [ Eleventh seventh annual meeting ]
[S]- 1923 - Cannabis page 216-218 - by Dr. A.L. Walters [ 20th Annual Meeting]
[S]- 1938 - "Marihuana Tax Act" page 24- just a brief mention of the fact. [Twenty-seventh annual meeting]
[General discussions on the subject, some positive some negative - NOT specific articles.]

[S]- “Extract of Cannabis Indica.” Vol.13 pg121 1884 - A boring but mercifully short article concerning the color of cannabis preparations. The only interesting thing about it is that it shows that a lot of druggists were (by implication) making local medicines out of Cannabis.
[S]- “Indian Hemp.” Vol.13 pg121 1884 - a second article, (see above) which tells about the history of Medical Marihuana. Example: “In 780 A.H., very severe ordinances were passed in Egypt against the use of hemp, those convicted were subjected to the extraction of their teeth”
[S]- “Notes on Various Medicinal Chemicals” [from E. Merck’s Circular, Jan. 1891] - Mar. 16th 1891 pp84 - Something about using cacao butter with Medical Marihuana in medications.
[=== SEE FDA grandfathering clause Petition folder =====]
[=== Also the American Druggist Blue Book =====]

American Druggist and Pharmaceutical Record
[S]- “Soluble Creosote and Cannabis Indica” Mar. 11, 1907 - A short article about a paper from the London Therapeutic Society about making Cannabis soluble.
[S]- PEARSON, W. A.: The requirements for cannabis indica of the United States Pharmacopoeia, American Druggist and Pharmaceutical Record, New York, 1910, Vol. 57, page 235.

American Homeopathic Review
[S]- Cannabis Indica - By P.P. Wells, Sept. 1862 pp 123
[S]- Cannabis Indica - By P.P. Wells, Oct. 1862 pp 174
[S]- "Cannabis Indica - By Richard Gardiner 1863 - pp 411

American Journal of Clinical Medicine
[e]- FRENCH, J. M.: Cannabis indica, American Journal of Clinical Medicine, Chicago, 1907, Vol. 14, pages 1334-1336.

American Journal Medical Jurisprudence
[S]- 1938 Vol. 1 pp 274- "Letter to the Editor - "Marihuana Tests". not worth reading
[S]- 1938 Vol. 1 pp 72 - "Annales de Medicine Legale, Paris" - short, not worth reading Published by the American Medico-Legal Association - [ NOT Worth Reading]

[e]- LINDEMANN, E.; MALAMUD, A.: “Experimental analysis of the psychopathological effects of intoxicating drugs” (Discussion of article by H. S. Sullivan, A. A. Brill), American journal of Psychiatry, New York, 1933-1934, go, pages 853-881.
[e]- LINDEMANN, E.: The neurophysiological effects of intoxicating drugs, American Journal of Psychiatry, New York, 1933-1934, 90, pages 1007-1037.
[S]- “Marihuana Intoxication- a clinical study of Cannabis sativa intoxication,” - By Walter Bromberg MD - Vol. 91, pg302-330 - Sept 1934:
[e]-“The Psychiatric aspects of Marihuana Intoxication, By Samuel Allentuck, 1942, 99, pages 248-251.
[e]- “Marihuana, an Intoxicant” By Herbert S. Gaskill, - Vol. 102, pg 202- 1945
[S]- “Marihuana and Aggressive Crime” By Commander Walter Bromberg (MD) U.S.N.R.- Vol. 102, pg. 825-827 - May 1946
[e]- “Personality Studies of Marihuana Addicts” - Charen, S + L. Perelman - Vol. 102, pg674-680 1946
[e]- 1968 - 125 - 391-393 Marihuana thirty five years later by W. Bromberg.
[e]- 1968 - 125 - 852-852 Dr. Bromberg replies - letters to the editor.
[Interesting articles but mostly technical in nature]

American Journal of Public Health (and the Nation’s Health)
[S]- (book Review of- “Marihuana - The new Dangerous Drug by Frederic T. Merrill” Vol.28, July 1938 pg. 1133- The booklet is a reefer madness classic:

American Journal of Sociology
[e]- “Becoming a marihuana user” - By Howard Becker 1953 Vol. 59 pp. 235

[S]- July 1849 pp 244-245 “Tincture of Indian Hemp in Sanguineous Uterine Discharges”
[S] - Nov. 1897 pp 591 “Treatment of Alcoholism” N.S. Davis (Quarterly Journal of Inebriety, 1897 No.2, P.162)
[S]- Dec 1900 pp 721 “The Therapeutic Indications of Cannabis India” H. Edwin Lewis (Merck’s Archives 1900 No. 7, p.247)
[S]- Sep 1902 pp541 “Narcotics in India” Dailab Chunder Bose (British Medical Journal 1902 No. 2156 p.1020)
[S-Jun 1905 pp 1097] “Paralysis of the Non-Pregnant Uterus” Kossmann
[S-Jan 1906 pp 165] “Cannabis India in Migraine” G. Caron De La Carriere
[S-Jun 1908 pp 909] “A Pharmacological Study of Cannabis Americana” Houghton and Hamilton (Therapeutic Gazette 1908 xxxii, 26)
[S]- “Marihuana - Our new addiction” - By N. S. Yawger - March 1938 pg. 351-[Reefer Madness Article]

[e]- “Marihuana” - By V. Lewitus - July, 1936 pg. 677 -[Reefer Madness Article]
[e]- “Dangerous Marihuana” - By F. T. Merrill - Aug, 1938 pg. 872-[Reefer Madness Article]

[S-Apr 1841 pg. 75] “Notice of hachisch”
[S-July 1843 - Pg. 157] “Preparation of Churrus, or Resinous Extract of Indian Hemp”
[S-July 1844 pg. 147] “On the Hadshy of the Turks”
[S-Aug 1847 pg. 195] “On Extract of Indian Hemp”
[S-Apr 1852 pg. 173] “Cannabis India as a substitute for ergot”
[e]- DEPREZ, H.: Extraclum Cannabis indicae (Extract from an inaugural essay), American journal of Pharmacy, Philadelphia, 1878, 50, page 518.
[e]- SMITH, H. P.: Cannabis indica, Does it contain an Alkaloid, American journal of Pharmacy, Philadelphia, Aug 1891, Vol. 63, pages 386-391.
[e]- HOUGHTON, E. M.; HAMILTON, H. C.: A pharmacological study of cannabis Americana (Cannabis saliva), American journal of Pharmacy, Philadelphia, 1908, 80, pages 16-20.
[e]- CRAWFORD, A. C.: Notes on "physiological testing", American journal of Pharmacy, Philadelphia, 1908, 80, pages 321-335. (See particularly section entitled "Cannabis indica", pages 327-328.)
[e]- KLINE, C. M.: The thirty-seventh annual convention of the National Wholesale Druggists' Association-Report on the address Of Dr. R. H. True of the Department of Agriculture, American journal of Pharmacy, Philadelphia, 1912, 84, pages 30-32.
[e]- ECKLER, C. R.; MILLER, F A.: A study of American grown Cannabis in comparison with samples from various other sources (reprint), American Journal of Pharmacy, Philadelphia, 1912, 84, pages 488-495.
[e]- HAMILTON, H. C.: Biological Standardization, American journal of Pharmacy, Philadelphia, 1917, 89, pages 61-70 (see particularly section entitled "Cannabis", pages 64-66).
[e]- VIEHOEVER: Field tests for marihuana (Cannabis), American Journal of Pharmacy, Philadelphia, 1937, 109, pages 589-591. - 3 star rating.
[e]- CHAREN, S.: Facts about marihuana; a survey of the literature, American Journal of Pharmacy, Philadelphia, 1945, 117, pages 422-430. - The article is true (intellectual) evil. [GREAT HISTORICAL STUFF]

American Medical Digest
[S]- "Poisoning with Cannabis Indica" 7: pp. 7 1888 [article taken from the N.Y. Medical Journal]

[S]- “IGNORANCE, MALICE AFORE-THOUGHT,OR WHAT?” - - Vol. VII - Feb. 1905 - page 36 No one knows what this article is about, and with such wording such as: “whose "sanctity" is not always sufficient to screen from view the Ethiopian nowadays” it don’t help much. However, it does happen to have some excellent pictures of a medical marihuana product. - see pictures - “Battle & Co.”

American Physician
[S]- GOWERS, H. E.: Haschisch Hallucinations, American Physician, Rahway, N.J., U.S.A., 1906, 32, pages 72-76. [great black and white pictures, article would do Harry Anslinger proud.]

[e]- 1883 - Vol. 28, page 173-174 & 255 "Cannabis Indica a valuable remedy in menorrhagia" [reprint from the British Medical Journal - by John Brown]
[S]- “The Loco Weed” Vol. 48 April 1912 pp. 182-183 (about marihuana)

American Review of Respiratory Disease
[**]- acute effects of smoked marihuana and oral delta9 tetrahydrocannabinol 1974 109 - 420-428
[**]- Effects of smoked marihuana in experimentally induced asthma 1975- 112 - 377-386
[**]- Bronchial effects of 1977 - 115 - 57-65

American Therapist (A Monthly Record of Modern Therapeutics)
[S]- Vol II 1893-1894 pp22 “Administration of Cannabis India” (letter to the Editor)

American Veterinary Review (note some volume errors could exist)
[e]- Vol XLIII - page 92-93 - “Some surgical cases illustrating the use of cannabis as a general anaesthetic.”
[e]- Vol. XXI - (1897) page 106-107 - CANNABIS INDICA-CANNABIS AMERICAINA. By Charles Williams
[e]- Vol. XLIV - “Cannabis” by Herbert F. Palmer. (1913) pp368

[e]- WHITE, J. S.: Physiological standardisation, Analyst, London, 1923, 48, pages 303-314 (see especially page 304).
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[S]- NICKOLLS, L. C.: Note on Beam's test for hashish (Indian hemp), Analyst, London, 1936, Vol-61, page 604.
[S]- MUKHOPADHYAYA, B. K.; SUBRAMANIAN, K. S.; DUNNICLIFF, H. B.: A calorimetric method for estimating the narcotic power of hemp drugs, Analyst, London, 1943, 68, pages 70-74.
[S]- RATHENASINKAM, E.: A modified "Acid Beam" test for cannabis sativa resin, Analyst, London, 1948, 73, page 509. short article, not worth reading

Antiseptic Madras,
[S]- RATHORE, P.: Case report of patient addicted both to opium and cannabis indica, Antiseptic, Madras, India, 1944, 41, pages 610-612. The Antiseptic; a monthly journal of medicine and surgery

APPLETON'S JOURNAL - A Magazine of General Literature.
[e]- 1869 - Vol. 2.- Issue 23.- "Effects of Hashish " by Captain E Burton
[e]- 1873 - Vol. 9, #202 "The Hemp Intoxicant"

Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry
[e]- STRINGARIS, M. G.: Zur Klinik des Hascliisclillsychosen (Nach Studien in Griechenland). Clinical aspects of psychoses due to haschisch; (studies made in Greece), Archiv fir Psychiatrie und Nervenkrankheiten, Berlin, 1933, 100, pages 522-532. Abstract in Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry, Chicago, 1935, 34, page 1085. - 3 star reefer madness rating.

Association for research in nervous and mental disease [S-see Medical Books section] - BROMBERG, W.: The effects of marihuana, Association for research in nervous and mental disease, Baltimore, 1938, 19 (the Inter-relationship of Mind and Body), pages 180-189. Author: Association for Research in Nervous and Mental Disease Publication: New York [etc.], Raven Press Year: 1939- on: v. 20- 1939-; v.- OCLC: 1777389


Boston Medical and Surgical journal
[e]- BELL, J.: On the haschisch or Cannabis indica, Boston Medical and Surgical journal, Boston, 1857, 56, pages 209-216, 229-236.
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[e]- EDES, Robert T.: “Cannabis Indica”, Boston Medical and Surgical journal, Boston, 1893, Vol. 129, page 273.

British journal of Inebriety
[e]- WILKINSON, P. B.: Cannabis indica; historical and pharmacological study of the drug, British journal of Inebriety, London, 1929, 27, pages 72-80. - Must Reading, much of the material would latter on be used to outlaw medical marihuana.
[S]- 1931 - 29 60-65 - Drug addiction in Egypt - By Russell Pasha [Not worth reading]

British Journal of Homeopathy
[S]- VII [1849] - “Cannabis Sativa” [a few notes on] pp 506-507
[S]- VIII [1850] - Homeopathy and the Ancients” By Thomas R. Leadam, [only page 380 copied] “Cannabis”
[S]- IX - [1852] “Notes on Cannabis Sativa” By Dr. Norton pp 413-420
[S]- XVII [1859]- [Fragmentary Provings] pp 465- 466 “Indian Hemp”
[S]- XXII - [1864] ”Cannabis India” [Miscellaneous] pp. 514-515 By Mr. Carl Bower (American Druggist Circular) (American Hom. Obs., May, 1884)
[S]- XXIII [1865] - “Cannabis India in Trismus” pp 265 [short not worth reading]
[S]- XXIII [1865] - “Cannabis in Mania” By C.T. Harris (Chicago Med Invest., March 1865) pp 446-448
[S]- XXIV [1866] - “Cannabis in Gonorrhea” By Dr. Baikie pp 501
[S]- XXV [1867] - “Cannabis India” pp 492
[S]- XXVI [1868] - “Poisoning by Strcychnia, successfully treated by Cannabis” By Stacy Hemsway pp 155-157

British Medical journal
[S]- "Uncertain Action of Cannabis Indica" by T.Hayes Jackson - Jan. 3, 1857
[S]- Feb 13, 1864 179 “Indian Hemp [part of an article] By Dr. Garrod
[S]- A Modern hashish-Eater - Aug. 11, 1866 - By Deutsche Klinik.
[S]- “Treatment of Sick Headache” Dec 21, 1872 pp25
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Buffalo Medical and Surgical journal
[e]- BEANE, F. D.: An experience with Cannabis indica, Buffalo Medical and Surgical journal, 1883-1884, 23, pages 445-451. Mentions Parke Davis by name.

Bulletin of the American Pharmaceutical Association
[e]- 1910 - Vol. 5, pp 22 - "Report of committee on physiological Assay" (part of the article deals with cannabis.
[e]- 1910 - Vol. 5, pp 178 "Cannabis Indica" - as part of an article dealing with USP requirements.
[e]- PEARSON, W. A.: "The U.S.P. Requirements of Cannabis Indica" October, 1910, Vol.5 - pp559
[S]- HAMILTON, H. C.: The requirements for cannabis Indica of the U.S. Pharmacopoeia, Bulletin of the American Pharmaceutical Association, Philadelphia, 1911, Vol. 6, pages 27-28 (see also pages 22-23).
[S]- “Cannabis India” pp 537 Vol. 6. 1911 Editorial

Bulletin of Hygiene
[S]- Sep. 1928 pg. 725 Some recent literature on the drug addiction problem [Not worth reading]

Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine
[S]- “Marihuana” By Roger Adams- Nov. 1942 Vol. 18, No. 11 page 705 Harvey Lecture, Feb. 19, 1942


Canada Lancet
[Wanted]- [possible date problem] “Cannabis Indica in Melancholia and Mental Depression with sleeplessness” Vol. 13, 1884 page 64. -- an Abstract from the N.Y. Med. Jour.
[e]- MATTISON, J. B.: A case of double narcotic addiction---Opium and alcohol-Imbecility---Recovery, Canada Lancet, Toronto, Dec. 1884, Vol. 17, pages 101-104. -- ---mostly as a treatment for opium addiction.

Canadian Medical Association Journal - Montreal
[e]- “Editorial” Nov 1934 - Vol. 31, pg. 544-546. [Reprint New York Times Article]- “Increasing Menace of Marihuana” - Nov. 1934, page 561 - reprint of a “New York Times” article - Sept. 16, 1934
[e]- 1946 - Vol-54 pp58-59 the marihuana problem
[**]- Cannabis and driving skills Can. Med. Assoc. J. 1972 - 107 - 269-270

Canada Medical Record,
[e]- Jan. 1884. - Dr. J.B. Mattison, Cannabis Indica in Opium Habit. --Maybe the same article as the Canada Lancet
[e]- Vol. 13 - 1885 - “CANNABIS INDICA IN Melancholia and mental depression with sleeplessness”. . taken from the N.Y. Med. Jour.

Canada Medical & Surgical Journal
[S]- Oct. 1880 pg. 129] "The Preventative Treatment of Hemicrania” by Cannabis Indica" Publication: Montreal, Gazette Print. Co. [etc.]

Canadian Practitioner
[e]- LETT, S.: “The opium-habit and its treatment [with Indian Hemp]” Canadian Practitioner, Toronto, 1884, 9, pages 301-307. - article is about opium addiction, Cannabis is only mentioned as a possible cure.

Cairo Scientific journal
[S]- LUCAS, A.: Some notes on hashish, Cairo Scientific journal, 1911, 5, pages 144-159.[Not worth reading, mostly statistics]

Chamber’s Edinburgh Journal Author: Chambers, William
[S]- "The Hashish" 1848 - V10 pp341 - some educated persons use hashish and write about their experience. Old man of the mountain mentioned. no rating:

Chicago Medical Examiner
[S]- July 1861 pp. 377 “Cannabis India” By Dr. J.R.Reynold
[S]- Feb. 1868 pp. 117 “Chlorodyne”
[S]- April 1869 pg. 139 “Renal Dropsy Following Scarlatina-Suppression of urine and Convulsions.”
[S]- May 1869 pg. 299 “No Title”
[S]- Mar 1870 pg. 186 “Indian Hemp in Hydrophobia”

[S]- MERCER, W.: Cannabis indica, Chicago Medical Times, 1901, Vol. 34, pg 165-167. good reading.
[e]- “Cannabis Indica in Chorea and Pertussis.” Vol 35, 1902 page 500 - article taken from the lancet. - Cough remedy , parke-davis mentioned.

Chicago Retail Druggist Assn.
[S]- [Dec. 1937 "More About Marihuana" This is an old magazine put out by the Chicago Retail Druggist Ass'n. A short on the subject of registrations under the MTA. [FDA C letter]

Cincinnati lancet-clinic (note some of the dates may be off)
[e]- 1883 122 - "Cannabis Indica as a local anaesthetic" - Written by a dentist -- I think he is a crack-pot.
[e]- 1885 - pp601 - "Cannabis Indica" - a short paragraph on its use as a nerve tonic.
[e]- 1887 pp193 "Cannabis Indica in Diarrhoea" -- By Frederick F. Bond, MD.
[e]- 1890 - pp227 - "The Treatment of Dyspepsia By Cannabis Indica" short summery of another article. Good things said.
[e]- 1890 - pp422 - "Cannabis Indica in Gastric Neuroses and Dyspepsia"
[e]- 1890 - pp659 - "Cannabis Indica in Neuralgia"
[e]- 1891 - pp85 - "Salicylic Acid for Corns"
[e]- 1891 - pp85 - "Cannabis Indica in Impotency"
[e]- 1892 - pp74 - "Cannabis Indica as an anodyne and Hypnotic"
[e]- 1892 - pp107 - "The Effects of hashish"
[e]- 1892 - pp559 - "Cannabis Indica" a letter to the editor
[e]- 1893 - pp160 - "Cannabis Indica"
[e]- 1894 Vol. LXXII --pp255 "Cannabis Indica"
[e]- 1894 Vol. LXXII --pp572 Corns - A short article about Corn remedies.
[e]- 1896 37- 405 - Fisher H case of cannabis indica poisoning
[e]- 1896 Vol. 36 - pp694 - "Cannabis Indica. -
[e]- 1902 - pp365 - "The History of Cannabis Indica" - a short about it's history. good info.

Clinical Sketches (london)
[S]- "A Case of Poisoning by extract of Cannabis Indica" by P. Barnett-Bentlif - Mar. 1896 pp 70.

Connecticut State Medical Journal
[S]- Editorial, “The Marihuana Problem,” Conn. State Med. J., LX:6 (1945) pg. 450-453 -- Reefer Madness, attacking the LaGuardia Report.

[e]- “Hang the axis” By A. Schwartz - March 1944 pp7 [This is not a medical article, Unknown why it is listed here]

Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry
[e]- Note a Journal, more of a yearly book-report -- Annual Reprint of the Reports of the Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry of the American Medical Association For 1915 - page 168

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[S]- ROBINSON, V.: “Hashish: a drug and a dream”, Ciba Symposia, Summit, N.J., U.S.A., 1946, 8, pages 374-377.


Delaware State Medical journal
[e]- EDITORIAL: Marihuana, Delaware State Medical journal, Jan 1944, Vol. 16, page 15. A pro Medical Marihuana Article - The truth is out there.
[e]- FOULGER, J. H.: “Marihuana Problem“, Delaware State Medical journal, Feb. 1944, Vol. 16, pages 24-28.

Dublin Journal of Medical Science
[S]-- Mr. Donovan of the Qualities of Indian Hemp" - MDCCCXLV -Vol. 26, pp 367

[e]- “Marihuana - “Depraver of youth” By George C. Schicks -pg12 - March 1938 (5 Star Rating) [FDA Petition]


East African Medical journal
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[e]- “CANNABIS” Sept. 1920 pg. 461
[e]- “CANNABIS INDICA” Dec. 1922 pg. 291.
[e]- “CANNABIS (AMERICAN HEMP)” March 1936 pg. 110.

Edinburgh Medical journal
[S]- “Cannabis India - Its Uncertain Action” By Thomas Hayes Jackson- Jan 1857 II (7) pp. 666-667
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[Wanted]- Gardikas, Hashish and crime - 1950 2 201 Record for Item: "Enkephalos. / Encéphale." Enkephalos. 1950-1962 Multiple languages Other Titles: Encéphale OCLC:50358324

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Far Eastern Association of Tropical Medicine - Transactions of the Seventh Congress (Held in British India Dec. 1927)
[S]- DHUNJIBHOY, J. E.: The role of "Indian Hemp" in causation of insanity in India, Calcutta, 1928, 1, pp 400

Federation Proceedings
[S]-- LOEWE, S.: Toxicity of Marihuana-active Principles, Federation Proceedings, Baltimore, 1945, 4, pages 127-128.
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[S]- DAVIS, J. P.; RAMSEY, H. H.: Antiepileptic action of Marihuana-like substances, Federation proceedings, Baltimore, 1949, 8, pages 284-285.


Good Health
[Wanted]-- Tobacco the master killer Author: Kellogg, John Harvey Source: Good health Author(s): Kellogg, John Harvey, 1852-1943. Publication: [Battle Creek, Mich. : Good Health Pub., Year: 1938 - Description: p. 75 ; 30 cm. In: Good health Vol. 73, no. 3 (March 1938), p. 75 -- Note(s): Caption title./ Article from Good health, vol. 73, no. 3, March, 1938./ Bound with Professor Pearl proves that tobacco shortens life and Marihuana, the new habit-forming drug. Other Titles: Professor Pearl proves that tobacco shortens life.; Marihuana, the new habit-forming drug. Document Type: Article : OCLC: 43335049

Guy's Hospital Gazette
[e]- DOUTHWAITE, A. H.: Hashish, Guy's Hospital Gazette, London, 1948, 62, pages 138-141. - A real piece of #%%&^#. Reefer Madness if ever there was one.


The Habnemannian Monthly
[S]- May 1868 - pp461 "Provings of Cannabis Indica"

The Harvey Lectures
[**]- Series 37 [1942] pp. 168-1797 - Marihuana By Roger Adams

[S]- April 1908 pp. 245 “Questions and Answers” Corn Plaster
[S]- May 1908 pp. 323 Letter (corn Cure)
[S]- Sep 1912 pp. 215 Book Review --“An Essay on Hasheesh” by Victor Robinsons
[S]- Sep 1912 pp. 202 “Medical Talk for the Home”

HEALTH: - Pub. By pacific press.
[e]- “Murderous MARIJUANA” By F.J. Furry, M.D. May 1938 - 5 star
[e]- “Marijuana” By Dr. Arthur La Roe - Oct. 1938-
[S]- “HOW OPIUM ADDICTS ARE MADE” By Frank Wood M.D - March 1940 page 12 - story is about opium, but it mentions marihuana as a starter drug. - 2 star rating

[Wanted]-- “Mary Warner, Public Healthy Enemy No. 7” - By C.M. Weber Vol. 3, 1936 page. 77-78 - Corp Author(s): Health Guild of America. Publication: New York : American Health Publishers, Year: 1934-1938 - Description: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 1934)-v. 8, no. 1 (Apr. 1938).; 8 v. :; ill. ;; 20 cm. - Succeeding Title: Health is wealth (New York, N.Y.); OCLC: 10009464

Health News - New York State Department of health
[e]- RICKARDS, B. R.: (Editor), New York City's campaign against Marihuana, Health News, Albany, U.S.A., Aug. 19, 1935, pp 136. - only 3 star rating.

Health Officer
[e]- SPENCER, R. R.: Marijuana, Health Officer, Washington, 1936, 1, pages 299-305. - 5 star, a must read.

HYGEIA: - (American Medical Association) (becomes Today’s Health)
[e]- “What is marihuana?” By George Randall McCormack - Oct 1937 - Must reading, pure reefer madness and lies -5 Star Rating
[e]-“Marihuana” By S. R. Winters, Oct. 1940 - 4 Star Rating


Illinois Medical journal
[e]- NESBITT, M.: Psychosis due to exogenous toxins-marihuana, Illinois Medical journal, Oak Park, U.S.A., 1940, 77, pages 278-282. - 5 star rating

Indiana State Medical Association (Journal of )
[e]- JACKSON, J. W.: Marijuana, journal of the Indiana State Medical Association', Indianapolis, U.S.A., 1939, 32, pages 24-25.

Indian Annals of Medical Science
[Wanted]-- Tetanus treated with large Doses of Indian Hemp - By Dr. S.G. Chuckerbutty - July 1868

Indian journal of Medical Research [ Stanford Lane Library has a copy]
[Wanted]-- CHOPRA; CHOPRA: (Title not available), Indian Journal of Medical Research, (Memorandum No. 31), Calcutta, 1939, page 1. (over 100 pages long)

Indian journal of Medical Research
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Indian journal of Medical Sciences
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Indian Medical Gazette - Calcutta
[S]- "On Some Peculiar effects observed from the use of Indian Hemp" - July 1, 1866 pp 175-176 - By E.C. Bensley
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Indian Medical Record
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Jamaica Public Health
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JAMA - Journal of the American Medical Association
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[S] - A new preparation of cannabis indica 1896 - Vol. 26 - 1145
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Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association Publisher: American Veterinary Medical Association Magazine Type: - Medical (Veterinary)
[e]- Feb 1943 pg. 122 “Cannabis: marihuana- No deteriorating effect + does not cause addiction.

Journal of the Ceylon Branch of the British Medical Association
Ceylon Medical Journal

[Wanted]-- RATNAM, E. R.: Cannabis indica, journal of the Ceylon Branch of the British Medical Association, Colombo, 1916, 13, pages 30-34.
[Wanted]- RATNAM, E. V.: Cannabis indica, journal of the Ceylon Branch of the British Medical Association, Colombo, Ceylon, 1920, 17, page 361. British Medical Association. - Title: Journal of the Ceylon Branch of the British Medical Association. - Corp Author(s): British Medical Association.; Ceylon Branch. - Publication: Colombo : British Medical Association, Ceylon Branch, Year: 1904-1951 - Frequency: Quarterly - Description: Vol.1-46, 1904-1951.; v. :; ill. ;; 25 cm. Succeeding Title: Ceylon medical journal- OCLC: 13103619

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Journal of the Egyptian Medical Association
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Journal of the Franklin Institute
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[e]- “Psychosis Following the use of Marijuana with Report of Cases” - By Howard C. Curtis M.D. Dec. 1939 - 5 Star Rating
[e]- 1970 - 71 -- 313 marihuana a review of clinical psychopharmacologic aspects by Catania, R. A.

[e]- “Cannabis Indica Prescriptions” pg748 Dec. 1937
[e]- “Cannabis indica in pharmaceuticals” By (M Sasman) Vol.35 pg51 1938 - A pro medical Marihuana Article, having to do with Medical Products on sale at that time. - Must reading.

Journal of Mental Sciences
[S]- Ellis, W. G. “The Amok of the malays” 1893 39 -- 325-338 - Has nothing to do with medical marihuana - NOT even mentioned.
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North Carolina Medical journal
[e]- SQUIBB: The green color of Cannabis indica extract not due to the presence of Copper, North Carolina Medical journal, Wilmington, 1884, 14, page 259. - he contradicts July 1884 American Druggist article. - summery of the "Ephemeris" magazine

Northwestern Lancet
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[S]- May 1, 1851 pp487] “Pharmacopaeia of the United States of America
[S]- July 1, 1959 pp 527 “Clinical Lecture on Tetanus, Delivered at University College Hospital” Cannabis is only mentioned once.
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OIL, PAINT & DRUG REPORTER [Note; this is a trade journal, very small articles, not worth reading.]
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[e]- Marihuana Regulations Define Bureau Duties" - Sep. 13, 1937 - pp.37.
[e]- Herbs and Leaves - [total article] Cannabis.--Prices have been withdrawn as the article is no longer to be sold on the open market under conditions free from those prevailing on all articles coming within the narcotic control laws of the nation and its states." [end of article] Sep. 20, 1937 - pp50
[e]- Marihuana Regulations Issued by US Bureau" Oct. 11, 1937 - pp56 [ignore]- "short article about Elizabeth Bass being transferred to Colorado" - April 4, 1938 - pp30.
[e]- Cannabis Research Scheme Is Planned" - Dec. 1938


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[e]- Division of Narcotic Enforcement - State of California By L.R. Holmes Mar. 1940 Vol. 36, No. 3 - pp 145-147
[e]- Marihuana Our Domestic Narcotic Menace - By L. R. Holmes Jan 1942 - pp 12.- 4 star

Pacific Drug Review
[e]- April 1906 - page 6 "MARIAHUANA"
[e]- May 1909 - page 68 "MARIHUANA TO BE GROWN IN TEXAS."
[e] - April 1915 - page 65 "YOUTHS GET CANNABIS INDICA."
[e]- July 1915 - General News of the Trade
[e]- Nov. 1937 - Vol. xlix - page 11 "Out with Cannabis" Editorial (great cartoon)

[e]- “The Loco Weed” pg52 J
an 1913 - a reprint of an Editorial, from the "The American Practitioner." Reads like Reefer madness ever before Anslinger got into power. 4 star.

Pacific Medical and Surgical journal
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[**]- American concern over marihuana in the 1030’s 1972- 14-- 25-34

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Pharmaceutical review
[S]- 1897 - Vol. 15 - pp37 - "Cannabinol" a short defining it. (not worth reading)

Philadelphia Medicine for January 8, 1944
[e]- Editorial on the marihuana baggaboo. Must Reading, the truth is out there.

Philadelphia medical Journal
[e]- Nov. 8, 1898 (July-Dec Vol. 2.) pp 946 - short article no name, Case of poisoning.
[e]- Oct. 22, 1898 pp840 - short article (no name) about Cannabis Indica.
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Poultry Science
[S]- Almquist, H.J.: “The Effect of Hempseed Preparations and Fineness of Diet on the Chick Gizard Lining” Vol.17 (2): 155-158 (March 1938). [placed on this index because it don’t fit no where else.]

PRACTICE OF MEDICINE: (International Medical Digest)
[e]- “The Menace of Marihuana” - Symposium Section Vol.31 pg183 - Sep. 1937 - Sick, sick, sick - pure reefer madness.

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[S]- 1843 Vol. V pp 397-398 ”Indian Hemp” by W.B. O’Shaughnessy + others
[Wanted]- A Case of Dysmenorrea In [ ] the tincture of Cannabis Indica was employed with some observations upon that drug. by Benjamin Barrow - 1847.

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Quarterly Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
[e]- 1939 - pp 306 - Abstract R.P. Walton, Martin, Keller (J. Pharmacol. 1938, 62, 239) "Cannabis Preparations, Activity of" - must reading get the original article.

[S]- “Indian hemp, opium poppy, and coca leaf.” By CT White 50:738 Dec. 1938 - matter of fact article about drug plants - not worth reading.


The Retired Physician
[S]- May 1858 pg. 67 “Water - Cure Journal”

(Royal Asiatic Society) --- North China Branch, journal
[S]- BRETSCHNEIDER, E.: Botanicum Sinicum, Materia Medica of the Ancient Chinese, Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland, North China Branch, journal, Shanghai, 1894-1895, Vol. 29, pages 376-379. Quotes the Chinese Herbal

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San Francisco & Pacific Druggist:
[S]- "Marihuana (Cannabis Indica) Tax -- Nov-Dec 1937 pp13 - short notice about the tax act.

Magazine Type: - Scientific - [Also see Reefer Madness Magazine Index]
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[S]- June 4, 1921 -pg. 446- Revolutionizing an industry, how modern machinery is minimizing hand labor in hemp etc. - Industrial hemp article, 0-star
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[e]- “Marihuana menaces youth” March 1936 - 5 Star Rating
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Southern Clinic:
[e]- WILTSHIRE, J. G.: Personal experience n the effect of Cannabis indica, Southern Clinic, Richmond, 1879, Vol.1, pages 331-336. A Boston doctor drinks too much (about the equivalent of 50 cigarettes) cannabis tincture. Note- the tincture was made by Sharpe & Dohm Co. today known as Merck & Co.

Southern Medical journal
[S]- HIMMELSBACH, C. K.: Treatment of the morphine abstinence syndrome with a synthetic Cannabis-like compound, Southern Medical journal, Birmingham, U.S.A., 1944, 37, pages 26-29. [note an artificial marihuana was used -doses 60-250 mg.]

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St. BartholomeW’s Hospital journal
[S]- March 1897 Vol. 4 pp 81-85 “A Chapter from the History of Cannabis Indica.” By E. G. Browne,
[S]- Feb. 1900 pg. 76] “PALGRAVE, Edward F.: "A case of poisoning by Cannabis Indica"

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